Yeowon Lee

Zap Workflows Landing Page 2021

Programs used


Project date/duration - 2 months, May 2018-Jul 2018

Zift Solution is B2B and B2C channel marketing solution platform where users (businesses or companies) build marketing co-brand-able campaigns of their products and services on Zift. A campaign can include emails, landing pages, web banner sets and workflows that allow users’ business partners to add their branding to campaigns and distribute at ease.

My Role

I was a design lead at Zift Solutions in Creative Services team. I was to lead the UX UI design for client projects as well as internal marketing projects.

The Challenge

I worked at Elastic Grid, a channel marketing agency providing marketing strategies and complete campaign packages. In 2017 December, an American channel marketing company called Zift Solution acquired Elastic Grid along with CS team and project management teams. Because Zift Solution did not have a design team before, we became a part of newly developed service and explained our services to Zift’s existing customers. My calendar in January 2018 was completely booked with client and internal team meetings to explain what CS team can provide. However, my daily workload did not change. We still had three projects open with demanding deadlines, and on top of that, former Elastic Grid clients who decided to stay with Zift Solutions needed to migrate their past campaigns to Zift’s platform. The design team and development team were overloaded with work and repetitive client meetings. We had to repeat the same information, which was becoming a significant problem for our schedule.

The Goals

  • Explain Zift Solution’s Creative Services to reduce repetitive client meetings
  • Help both Zift Solution’s other teams and new clients to understand what we do
  • Showcase some of our recent work
  • Create a direct contact line to our project management team

The Process

Content and structure

This site’s purpose was to inform our client prospects and different team in Zift of what we do. So firstly, I started documenting all our services and listed past works. After browsing through those, I concluded our core services into three categories – Strategy, Design and Launch ready campaign packages. Each of the three core services can be purchased separately or as a comprehensive package. While our team’s goal was to sell all three services, the past data proved that selling a single service was a great entry point for new clients as 73% of clients returned after their first project with our team. As per to content teams’ suggestion, we have included a new blog service to our site. This blog was to be updated weekly on our latest campaigns and trends in the channel marketing area.

Three core services – Strategy(think), Design(create) and Launch ready campaign packages(done)


Throughout the site, I used gradient and drop shadows where applicable. Although the colour palette itself was from Zift’s brand palette, there were no gradient usage guidelines. I purposely chose to use gradients to expand brand guidelines and give the site a clean and modern vibe. To ease the website’s interaction, I designed the entire site to be scrollable. Scrolling on a web environment is a very natural reaction for anyone browsing a new website. Scrollable content can keep users more engaged and improves usability overall when looking to find information. Although click has the advantage of tracking user interaction better over scrolling, this website’s purpose is mostly to inform its visitors. Therefore I chose to provide a more engaging experience.


This website, unfortunately, never launched. This is because, in 2019 Feb, Zift Solution CS team got bought out by Elastic Grid’s founder as an independent business and started trading as Elastic Digital. This site was in the development process; however, it was no longer needed. We repurposed the content written for the website for an information booklet during the build. This booklet brought two new clients and three new projects. This proved the information we have collected was successful. Included screenshots are a soft launch version.

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